Stories of 7 People Who Quit Their Jobs To Follow Their Heart

Live is too short.every one think about to do something and some of the people who achieves their passion .There are the list of few people who has quit job and follow heart.

1: Robin Keshaw, fellow at Teach For India


He quit his tech job to teach under privileged  kids. Robin is a computer science graduate from BITS Pilani. he worked with California based visualization giant VMWARE as a software engineer. After spending 2 year  with the company ,he quit his job to join tech for India as a fellow. At Tech For India,he found himself among-st 35 odd kids in a government primary school situated in the heart of Azadupur sabzi mandi ,one of the biggest open markets in Asia. The kids he teaches belong to the families of vegetable vendors and are migrants from up and Bihar.

He says his life has changed completely since quitting his corporate job and choosing to teach young kids in the dusty by lanes of Delhi.

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