Top 10 Highest Earning YouTube Channels In India Who Are Earning Lakhs Of Rs Every Month

Youtube,is now in trends , and many people earning through youtube, now youtube has become a good source of income. Checkout the List of Top 10 Highest Earning YouTube Channels in India which is having Millions of views and earning Lakhs of Rs every Month. These are the 2016’s Richest YouTube Star and According to Ranking  how much they are earning  every month through their videos channel. These Channels having huge number of  fan and Millions of Subscribers and some of them compete against Famous TV Series as well.


1. ChuChu TV (2-3 Crore Rs.)

Chuchu Tv channel is one of famous ,Educational Channel For Kids through colorful Animations. Kids also love this channel most,when chuchu TV ads logo comes in starting of video along with the sounds chuchu TV’s, big smiles 🙂 comes on kids face, Currently it is the Highest Third Most Subscribed Channel in India.

2. AIB – All India Bakchod (1.5-2.5 Crore Rs.)

AIB is also a popular channel among Youths and their quick witted four founders – Tanmay Bhatt, Khamba, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Sakya, These are  the four funniest guys on Internet . AIB’s videos spread like as viral on internet world. it is a best hindi commedy channels on youtube .

3. TVF (1-2 Crore Rs.)

It can give stiff competition to established channels on TV through their High Quality Web Series. They are funny, full of emotions and quirky at the same time. Recently they have got Tiger Global Invests $10 Million in TVF for 25% Stake valuing this Channel worth 270 Crore Rs.

4. CVS3DRhymes (90-1.25 Crore Rs)
It is an another well known channels For Kids through colorful Animations ,Rhymes, Stories, Short Film, Songs and more in 3D Animantion . One of the best and Highest Earning YouTube Channels which is dedicated to Kids.

5. Videogyan (95 Lakh)
Another Top YouTube Channel for Kids which uploads Animated Rhymes and Animated Stories for a better learning experience of kids.

6. Learn English with Let’s Talk (75-90 Lakhs)

They post convenient and easy way to Learn English language which is a big hit all over the country.

7. BeingIndian (60-80 Lakhs)

Funny Takedown of Various things happening around us. They present funny side of Being an Indian.

8. Sanam (50-60 Lakh)
A Super Hit YouTube Music Channel in India by Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Keshav Dhanraj & Venky S

9. Shudh Desi Endings (40-50 Lakh)
They like to ruin your favorite movie’s endings and in some style. They don’t spare any film at all and presents realistic endings of movies.

10. Nisha Madhulika (40-50 Lakh)

She will teach you easiest way to cook Indian Recipes